Tony Allen

LPR Report: Tony Allen and Ahmed Janka Nabay

Afrobeat legend Tony Allen, who helped invent the genre as the powerhouse drummer for Fela Kuti, was in town last week for a few performances. He played an intimate late night set as part of Rich Medina's Jump N Funk series. His Afrobeat Orchestra composed of mostly younger players was strong and tight and they grooved their set along til past 2 AM.

Sierra Leone born Ahmed Janka Nabay performed a great warm up set of 'Bubu Music' - a style comprised of twitchy fast poly-rhythmic drums (played here on a synthetic kit, which sounded fine) with looping figures in the bass and guitar. Over, or more within, this sound scape, Nabay weaves a song-speak narrative with a response from the band.  It was a great, eye opening show, I really enjoyed it. Nabay has a 12" 45 rpm EP out on True Panther which I picked up and have been digging.

10.06.17 Tony Allen + Ahmed Janka Nabay - Images by Jacob Blickenstaff