Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Dave Bartholomew and Cosimo Matassa

Last year when I was in New Orleans for the roots music festival The Ponderosa Stomp, I had the great fortune to meet  both Dave Bartholomew and Cosimo Matassa, two absolute giants and heroes of mine. If you've ever enjoyed a rock 'n roll record...ever... you pretty much have these two remarkable men to thank.

Dave Bartholomew is a prolific band leader, song writer and producer most famous for his symbiotic relationship with Fats Domino but when you start reading the credits on any significant New Orleans R&B record from the 1950's, you will see his name almost every time.

Cosimo Matassa is a humble genius who placed the mics, ran the tapes, and diplomatically managed the personalities of Rock & Roll's early royalty (read: Little Richard, Professor Longhair, Ray Charles, Guitar Slim, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc., etc.)

To know them is to love them. Thank you both sharing a bit of your time.

photographs © Jacob Blickenstaff 2010