Published: Sharon Jones in the New Yorker

It was an honor to be published in this week's New Yorker. A photograph that I shot independently (with assistance from my friends at Daptone Records) was selected to run with Sasha Frere-Jones' intelligent assessment of the growing movement of artists who reach back to traditional forms of music as their blueprint. Long live The New Yorker and meaningful, intelligent arts journalism in general. read the online version


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Sharon Jones + Dap-Kings live at the Apollo - photos

Sharon Jones at the Dap-Kings played two sold-out nights at the Apollo Theater to celebrate their homecoming from Europe and mark the release of their fourth album "I Learned the Hard Way."

I attended both nights to shoot for the band. The Apollo is an important and historic venue, symbolically chosen for it's connection to James Brown and countless stars of soul that have established their reputations there.  Sharon truly commanded that stage with a pacing, intensity of performance, humor and joy that surely did her musical forebears proud.  It was great to see her put so much heart into it and share the evening with the band and all the friends, family and behind the scenes people who work at and with Daptone. The second night especially, the band was in razor-sharp form and the highlight for me was watching Sharon feature nearly each and every one of the 18 pieces on stage in a fun and energizing round of introductions.  There was definitely a shared pride among the 'family'.  Congrats to everyone. - J


Night 1 - With the Mellowmatics:

Night 2 - With Naomi Shelton:

le Daptone: Soul Family no. 1

Daptone licensed a collection of work I shot at their studio this summer and was able to use it to basically take over an entire magazine: the nicely done Soul Bag from France. Cover, TOC, Editors page, a feature story, an interview with Sharon... le works. Additional photos by Ann Coombs, Matt Rogers, Parsley Steinweiss

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Sharon Jones in Oprah Magazine

Congrats to Daptone Records and Sharon Jones on this great bit of press. One of the out-takes from our album cover shoot for I Learned The Hard Way was picked up in O Magazine in the new April issue. Click on the image to see it larger.

Look under your seats because everyone in the studio audience is getting a COPY OF THE NEW REH-CORD!! Just kidding.

Behind the Scenes: Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings

This past November I was honored to shoot the album cover for Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings for their upcoming fourth LP "I Learned the Hard Way" (out April 6, 2010). I had slowly gotten to know the good people at Daptone from shooting some of their shows in NYC and making several visits to the studio to document the recording in progress. (One of those photos was used in the recently released Daptone Gold compilation.) I really feel spoiled to be able to work with an all-in-the-family independent label who makes honest and uncompromising music.

We used the back yard of the studio and the adjacent fire escape to make a photo that was in keeping with the look and feel of urban group shot covers that were seen a lot in the late 60's and early 70's (The Impressions 'This is My Country', The Supremes 'Love Child', etc.) We went with the square format Hasselblad with negative film to get the same look and feel from the period.

Although we had some strobes on set and a Nikon D3x for digital back-up, the shots chosen for the cover were made with natural light on film.

Behind the scenes photos are courtesy Matt Rogers, a writer, photographer and filmmaker who has been documenting Daptone and the soul/funk scene for many years.