New Photos: Hermeto Pascoal and Hallogallo 2010 - Lincoln Center Out of Doors

Brazilian legend Hermeto Pascoal, the magical man who can play anything, and I mean beards, lagoons, teapots...anything, and Michael Rother, founding member of krautrock legends Neu! played a unique double bill at Lincoln Center Out of Doors last week.

Hermeto's group featured Aline Morena (vocals and guitar), Andre Martin (piano and flute) Fabio Pascoal (percussion), Vinicius Dorin (flutes), Itibere Zwarg (bass) Marcio Bahia (drums) and Oscar Feldman (sax).

Hallogallo 2010 featured Michael Rother, Steve Shelley (drums, Sonic Youth) and Aaron Mullar (bass, Tall Firs).

The peak moment for me came at the end of Hermeto's last song Iramos Latinos (Latin Brothers). The musicians left the stage one by one, still playing, and followed each other back down to the dressing rooms under the stage where they continued to play for each other for a few joyous minutes. One of those amazing little experiences that comes out of nowhere:

10.08.06 Lincoln Center - Hermetto Pascoal + Michael Rother - Images by Jacob Blickenstaff

Jon Pareles at the New York Times did an excellent job describing the show in his review.