Photoletariat: Poor Editing is Ruining Concert Photography

My latest article at The Photoletariat:

I can't hold my tongue on this subject anymore: there are too many competent, talented and creative photographers shooting themselves in the foot by neglecting to edit their work.  There are also many developing photographers who are not progressing because they can't tell their good work from their bad.

The Current State of Things:

Music photography and how it is being used on many websites and blogs runs against good judgement and taste. Music websites and blogs have an unlimited appetite for content, and it doesn't really seem to matter what the quality of that content is. I'm not sure why this happens, but probably in the race for clicks and S.E.O. rankings, images are being exploited to serve as Googlebot fodder and snarky comment bait.  A photograph's power to beautifully and bluntly get to the heart of the matter is being lost and abused.

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