I am a photographer. I am interested in what is happening with the Occupy Wall Street movement. I voted for Obama in 2008. I am disappointed in Obama in 2011. I am not a Socialist, a Nazi, a Marxist or an Anarchist. I make a decent living being paid for my creative abilities and for the value of my work. I feel good about that. I don’t care if I make a lot of money or a little money as long as I feel good on a day to day basis. I believe that 100% got us into whatever problems we are facing and 100% of us need to work on getting us out.  Greed, consumerism, selfishness, lack of concern for the environment, lack of concern for the well being and freedom of everyone in the world; I don’t know how to fix these problems and I am guilty of these attitudes as well. I believe that there are principles within both the Democratic and Republican philosophies that are valid. I feel that our political system is severely flawed. Everyone is part of the problem. Everyone is part of the solution. I personally feel that the OWS movement embodies a new sense of engagement and responsibility that will hopefully bring about positive change in the world. But as a photographer I must observe and evaluate moment to moment. I am a photographer.